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tv   [untitled]    July 20, 2015 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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re being looked at. >> commissioner wu. >> can we ask more about the process i know we did a citywide nexus not too along and a affordable housing housing but no one else the nexus but the feasibility study also i don't believe i've seen that i wanted to understand the steps. >> the nexus study is underway trying to think through the process here we haven't - we're not doing a feasibility study right now only a nexus study to understand the impacts on affordable housing we are but we're looking at this number with respect to the housing limitation fee paid for affordable housing. >> okay. thank you. >> i wanted to make a comment i
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think this downtown plan was written at a time of concept commercial districts were being built is that accurate when we look at citywide it is important to look at the do you only or downtown plan a focus of putting jobs downtown and having protections for the neighborhood those seemed linked to the history and the neighborhood commercial district now and ct planning has preserved this i want to make a note another this report. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move to general public comment time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the
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commission up to three minutes. i have one speaker card. >> rose hill son please. good afternoon, commissioners i want to thank you all for the july 2nd hearing on the rules and regulations hearing submittal guidelines and to have a future meeting on in that portion i want to read into the record hundred and 46 words please snefrt this into the minutes a submittal guidelines timeline for mailing the documents to the publicity i public the flailed 14 day didn't give advanced noticed for the executive summary mr. sanchez
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rush to adapt this knowing the snail mail is ferry building detailed up to 4 days creates a detail to the pickup public with environmental case reports not due until the packets are due this causes the public to be blind of timeline sensitive information planning and commission who serves the public should do you want cf n 16 days prior to twelve may 28 letter to allow the fair process and i even have copies for everyone thank you very much. >> additional general public comment commissioners. >> larry bad in her i wanted to add to director rams
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comments i worked with beven he was here from the early 90s he left in 1997 a wonderful artist some of you may have received an urban sketches of watercolors he was a nice guy some of the things set the foundations for current long-term planning we worked on transbay plan he set this was in the 4 and 5 and 6 the first initial thoughts on transbay and the the urban design i think that the transbay plan grows out of that it is not identical but the conception similar he developed the physical form of the transbay sites and transbay it's fulsome
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boulevard the 25 foot sidewalk that was evans idea he the the downtown streetscape plan the first streetscape plan that the planning department did out of that develops green streets a variety of different things out of that developed the idea let's have restaurant seating on the sidewalks every time you guys sit outside you can thank evan we couldn't do that before he got the dpw the health department and planning and the mayor's office to be involved and this demonstrates evans success not only a designer thinking about how the city should put together in a large way he managed to change the codes and get the health department they were or not, i
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suggest in addition to adjourning go out for drink and sit outside and raise a glass to evan thank you. >> thank you commissioners jim south of market nearly every western selma has embarrassed the spirit more 4 hundred units of housing 1140 fulsome hundred and 12 and other and sro units 9 and howard hundred and 25 units not one of those projects has found it necessary to exist the 5 foot will that so it makes me wonder in the tax
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group thinks their smallester than 6th street i'm sorry oh okay depending on how you vote think that project serve as a precedent for another tech project on 5 and harrison the same route a 9 foot building and harrison street 6 stories in a foot building and 1335 fulsome street 7 stories in a 65 foot building you'll be considering howard street 6 story 55 foot building and 1532 harrison
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street 3 7 stories 65 foot buildings the last project is michael latest scheme it out of the 3 buildings with consist of 7 floors of housing no commercial or retail only 7 floors of housing one would think the director ram's statement that is intent of the code is that the 5 feet be applied to the because of the building on the retail level with suffice or commissioner richards recollection those height rules were to promote an active ground floor use and supervisor cowen testified they were promised the extra 5 feet noted used to squeeze in more housing another gentleman has had the lawyers to go through it and not find any restrictions in
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the from a planning code maximize the ceiling heights for pdr uses and where heights end in ground floor ceiling some maximize the 15 foot envelope the ground floor retail pdr a 15 foot envelope my more questions. >> is there any additional public comment - >> i'm jackie teach at the university of san francisco we have many people in the union teachers and we find it difficult to live in san francisco those are adjuncts we're adjunct proefrz we've not spent 25 years in here i work in
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the san francisco for - i was on a committee for 7 or 8 years and look at the issues you're dealing with i didn't want to get up on a previous item painting a rosy picture is a deception because it explicit account for the fact that similar a single-family with 13 percent whether they have strollers they're pushing 13 percent the lowest is down, down, down for too many years and but i just want to ask you a question are you doing something to deal with the serious problems of depletion and illegal use of our housing stock have you institutional plans the university i worked at developed
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a honest plan and for example, one of the things our university agreed to i'm not part of the plan but some other people we agreed it increase the student population by one percent for 10 years one percent and the student body on campus on the hill 80 students for each year for 10 years but the zoning administrator have the power to do anything on master plan? do you the commission can you do that and tell the city attorney's office to do that arrest have you done something about that are you moving on that? that goes back years and years and all the attorneys they - it
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is real estate operation disguised a real estate institution they have more a third generation owned family deal what do you do to get them to obey the law are you afraid of them can you get them to do a decent institutional master plan please thank you >> is there any additional public comment? okay general public comment is closed. commissioners, that places you under your regular calendar items 5 ab were pulled off so 5 ab for case numbers at 25 park conditional use authorization is a deserve will consider a request for a variance
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>> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the public members doug dispatching this is a conditional use authorization to constrict a 4 story to an exist building for 12 units that exceed the 5 units that are principally permitted the new edition will be using the footprint and the one parking space will be removed for telephone parking spaces due to the non-compliance of the building they will require the exposure variance pursuant to the planning code respectfully project is located within the market octavia plan area and the transit oriented zoning district the 32 hundred square feet lot is developed with a 68, 9 story apartment building 75 feet along
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the park and 85 above the freeway it was constructed as an 8 unit and received a variance in 2008 to add a small unit for a total of 9 units because of the loots shallow depth it didn't is where common open space and they don't meet the space requirement we've received one negative letter so after analyzing all the aspects of the project the department has found the balance is necessary and desirable the project scale is consistent with the scale and the guidelines with the expectation of the rear
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yard the project meets all requirement of the planning code project will result in a net gain of 3 dwelling units and the planning code allows density with the conditional use authorization if it is consistent with the residential guidelines and compatible with the neighborhood it is intended to accommodate the density and located 3 hundred feet from market street other surrounding properties will accommodate for density so based on those finding and others in the draft motion the staff recommended approval that concludes my presentation. and i'm available for questions. >> project sponsor please.
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>> commissioners anthony with the architect i'm sorry. i'm computer challenged anyway that is what happened i have a stack of cards we didn't
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have computers back then (laughter) this is the project is located at 25 park that is a very unusual park the building on the upper left-hand side it is essentially a very sort of straightforward kind of a 60s box there was 8 units we added one more unit in 2013 see if i get that maybe i'll go this what how do i make it move the cursor there you go. >> choopz went too far this is the site the octavia off-ramp and on ramp behind us a lot of dirt and enjoys the rear
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yard is very small 8 hundred and 60 square feet and again there is 3 hundred feet from market street choopz whoops sorry bear with me okay. photo on the left the existing building and photo on the right what the proposed building about look like personally there's 9 units 5 are one bedrooms and 4 are studio units we're proposing to planning staff they've asked you to us replace the windows facing the street to clean up the facade and we're proposing a variety of materials to help break up the mass this is the first floor plan exist on the left and the proposed on the right we're eliminating with only parking
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space to provide bicycle that concludes my remarks for the tenants and behind the garage on the right is the one bedroom unit that we added in 2013 this is the second and third floor no change other than correcting the stairway making it safe this light fourth floor plan we're proposing 3, one bedroom units from small 5 hunters pointed hundred 60 to 7 hundred square feet you'll notice there is a doted line towards the rear that matches the rear property line that is the setback requirement as you can see it is a tight site and again right up against the freeway this roof plan is the evaluation elevation i think this is the
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section you see the taller section to the right we're a.d. the fourth floor as you can see the garage is off the el gunmen on the lower right hand corner and three new units being proposed the project sponsor ron is here to answer any questions you might have that concludes my presentation. >> okay. >> commissioners director ron project sponsor i the want to add that i have a letter from any immediate neighbor former supervisor silver strongly supports this and we're available for questions. >> okay open up for public comment i have two speaker cards
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charles and another card in opposition with no name. >> good afternoon, commissioners i live on the park top floor of the existing building i'm here to speak in opposition of this condition or whatever this formal hearing it called for this i've been living in the building more more than 10 years and the first floor apartment that was added the continental variance was in 2013 i didn't get involved in but the main point was that apartment took away open and public space son the lot it was a very irregular
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escape i have to comment on one of the slides the architect showed the overall google view the lot as directly abutting the octavia this is incorrect a ma land 15 foot from the retaining wall to the back fence that is caltrain that is actually smaller than the picture he presented that's all it took 8 months to build a unit and it had to being on the top floor and they're trying to build an additional level on top of basically my apartment i work from home 3 days a week it is an incredibly nuisance and
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aggravation we were displaced in our garage and again, i'm here for opposition of this thank you. >> okay is there any additional public comment? >> sue hester with the question normal procedure with the planning department would present this as building new 3 dwelling units what happens if their changed to short-term rentals is the planning department going to present everything as new hours? whether or not it is housing? can you say we will only present that as new housing if we have
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something in writing that the building will not become short-term rentals this is in the front line area i'm very well aware of this site this site is absolutely in well positions gentleman can do the right thing you can do the right thing but even if there is no willingness to say we will impose a condition this building has to be dwelling units can you at least not report it as building new housing unless you have guarantees and ask the city attorney what kind of condition can you put on the project legally i'm looking at the hotel usage going on the presentation before you and the realty of reading
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the paper and knowing how much the housing stock is being eaten alive in san francisco and people wanting to make a buck and choosing to change the housing into short-term rentals i have not problem with the units on the site if they are really dwelling units and it remains as housing thank you. >> commissioner. is there any additional public comment? >> thank you. good afternoon. i'm carlos i live in 25 park i live there with my partner for the last 20 years i took care of the garden and cleaning we're concerned they want to have the
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upper unit we live on the 3 floor and they want to build another one small apartment in the year 2013 it was really, really bad it was like month to month of dirt i'm worried about i work late night i go home and rest and like to spend my mornings at home relaxing i'm worried about that is going to effect me what all the banging and construction i'm worried about that thank you. >> is there any additional public comment okay. not seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> i ask for this project that be pulled off content i've said before i building that a project should not be put on content and
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people are having questions without having seen being able to talk about it i'm interested in gentrification this is an interesting case for gentrification however, i have a principle question that might be particular interested to all of us we're talking about affordability we're gradually increasing the sgent of the building from the early 60s starting with 8 unit to 9 unit and going in 2015 to 12 units what mechanisms do we have to look at affordability and bmr units in replacements i'm asking the zoning administrator and i will make a couple of other comments that's one of my very, very questions. >> so section i'm sure you're
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aware of states the bmr the below market rate requirement for the planning code the trigger on that is when a project with 10 or more units in this case the project didn't propose 10 or more new units it proposed one unit a couples years ago it didn't trigger the subdivision and section 416 speaks about this but didn't specify a timeline for the development to be and when this question came up in the past by the standards that are in prom. 0 the office allocations that look back 5 years we look at the projects and permits within the past 5 years if 33 they total up to more than 10 units that's a circumstance >> i want to though it out to add this to we're offering when
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does it come even on a sliding scale an obligation to add bmr's because wear potentially adding a lot of the unifies u units within the buildings without staying in balance what affordability i want to let it sit we need to look at what we have as the current code dollars a favorite reaching code i want to say it is a privilege when we have conditional use we are basically are looking at something exceptional or extraordinary circumstances and in support to support it this building is by it's age and existing design i want to be gentle very clean to say the least it is very clean i am asking the architect your
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images show what i believe is that vinyl coded horizon sliding window we're talking about updates who - are you townsend to workshop r upgrade those windows that be appropriate for the entire building and what are we using if you wouldn't mind speaking to the commission. >> anthony yes staff asked us to 134 east use not visible but for the front facade because of the noise issue we've replaced the window in the back they've met the ratings and vth very good so far i can ask some of the tenants but ron has replaced some of the windows at the rear. >> what i would like to ask and speaking to both the zoning administrat